Introducing Blue.SHIELD

Digital Insurance Platform As-A-Service deployed by the FSP for their customers. An open API driven platform offering customers a frictionless experience.

Trusted by 30+ organisations across the world

Boosting Insurance Forward

The insurance industry is one of the largest industries globally. At BlueSPACE, we believe dynamic innovation through our unique digital insurance technology will improve the insurance ecosystem.

Insurance for Tomorrow

Insurance is no more about traditional buy and sell. Customers are looking for value in every transaction. They want to understand why they are buying what they are buying as well as the value they are able to process from the transaction. This is why innovation within the insurance industry is even more vital now. Insurance brokers need to adapt to this changing landscape and offer better value for money in order to improve customer retention.


BlueSPACE innovation

We are dynamic with our innovation. This is why our culture of innovation means we are constantly re-thinking the process and enhancing the value chain. Our innovation studio is where all the designing and building happens. We have access to specialised innovation tools that facilitates the building process and keeps our quality assurance at optimal levels.

What makes Blue.SHIELD different

A unique cloud based platform that creates endless possibilities for the customer


Customer Centric

The user experience is key to customer retention. This  platform offers a unique onboarding experience that allows you to gather relevant customer data and insights.


Ecosystem Benefit

Our platform is connected to a plethora of leading technologies meaning with one platform you are connected to an entire ecosystem of top notch technologies.


Quick Development

Leveraging the existing technology stack enhances the development and allows you to shorten time-to-market significantly with no lags.


Technology Stack

Our world class technology stack means IT teams are able to enjoy the platform management experience. With full documentation available, IT can easily integrate our technology with existing systems.


Dynamic Innovation

We are constantly improving the process. Our unique innovation labs facilitate the innovation transformation and bolster quick innovation development.


Business Process Transformation

Our digital platform impacts the business bottom line positively. Through enhanced automation and business process management, businesses can transform their productivity.

Who is Blue.SHIELD for?

Health Insurance

Providing top notch technology that simplifies customer onboarding and creates a fulfilling experience for the customer.


General Insurance

Easily manage all claims from one location without the fuss of complexity. An easy to use admin digital interface.


Micro Insurance

Get data analytics that help to improve the entire digital experience. Develop new learning outcomes and drive innovation across board.

This is the time to transform your business processes so you do not miss our on the many opportunities available . Your digital transformation journey starts with us.

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Our platform supports over
25 clients across Africa

This is the time to transform your business processes so you do not miss our on the many opportunities available . Your digital transformation journey starts with us.