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NO.1 Enterprise FinTech in Africa

BlueSPACE Financial Cloud is transforming the marketplace in Africa and beyond. Through leading technologies, we are shaping the future of the African economy. We are transforming Fintech in Africa and leading innovation in various industries.

simplify the process,solve problems

BlueSPACE financial cloud is enabling financial service providers (FSPs) with digital finance platform as-a-service to acquire, processand monitor financial transactions & interactions over the financial lifecycle for consumers & corporates.

streamline design

our evolution

BlueSPACE Financial Cloud was birthed out of a desire to innovate financial technology and to catapult financial innovation to the next level in Africa. What we are building is a paradigm shift that will revolutionise the financial services sector.

tailored solutions for financial businesses of all categories

How we are building

Digitally onboard anyone, for any service, anywhere, and from any device. One-click sign up technology.



Provide data-driven fit for purpose core application that transacts and processes any payment for any transaction type in insurance, retail & corporate banking, telco, gov tax and national pensions



Provide end to end visibility into any transaction, payment, process, network, application, cloud, dataset across all transaction types globally.



creative & smart


Our team is made up of great people with a desire to innovate. This is why we believe in what we are building. With over 70 years of combined experience, our team knows what it takes to build what our customers need.